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Jordan Henry: 2-Time Loser; 2 LOKAs Advance: Everyone Loses

As expected, Jordan Henry lost big on election day and kept losing as each day's ballots came in. To cope he turned to Twitter/X, reviving his James Lindsay reply-guy account and reverting to transphobia and, apparently, cursing the community for not voting for him.

In less positive news, due to crowded Democratic fields, two extremist candidates did advance in their races: Christian Nationalist zealot Elizabeth Wong Ahlers for CA Senate District 25 and transphobe/former gifted child Alex Balekian for US Congress District 30.

Ahlers ran what appeared to be an aggressive ground game, with significant support from her high-level influencer New Apostolic Reformation (Christian Nationalist) pastor, Che Ahn.

NAR is an extremist movement dedicated to infiltrating every layer of society with Christian nationalist adherents. Ahn and his Pasadena-based Harvest Rock Church came to national attention by defying pandemic safety measures in 2020. Ahn later urged followers to Washington D.C. for the January 5th Stop the Steal rally at which he was a featured speaker. He later claimed he "slept through" the resulting violence on January 6th.

Ché Ahn at January 6th stop the steal rally in DC
Ché Ahn at January 6th

Ahn has been vocal supporter of Ahlers campaign, calling her "annointed," an NAR term which supposedly will "enable you to perform great works, preach great messages, and generally live a cut above the average believer."

Ahlers previously appeared at violent GUSD protests alongside Capitol Rioter Andy Lai, who also joined her canvassing efforts and separately, was reported to be harassing a local children's bookstore on behalf of Jordan Henry and Aneta Krpekan.

Also advancing to the November primary is transphobic physician Alex Balekian who ran on a platform of misinformation about schools, transgender folks, and believing he's "one of the good gays." He seems to think he can win over the Republicans who want to reverse his marriage by helping them along their hateful way.

Alex Balekian video against National Coming Out Week
You can be gay and a bigot!

In a lesson for Democrats, right wing extremists turned out for the most reactionary candidates on the ballot, while Democratic votes were split amongst a crowded competitive field.

Loser Jordan Henry has shifted his energy to amplifying Alex's campaign while trying to joke about "toxic masculinity"-- something he apparently can't get enough of.

Toxic masculinity supporters Alex Balekian and Jordan Henry celebrate Election Night
Brothers gotta hug!


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