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Anti-GUSD lady. Extremist sister of Ara Najarian.

Meet Maro Yacoubian




Maro Yacoubian

Non-GUSD parent. "Founder" of the Armenian magnet school housed within Blair High School in Pasadena. Ara Najarian's sister.

Maro Yacoubian has been involved in establishing and recruiting students for the Armenian Academy magnet program at Blair High School in Pasadena Unified. She regularly posts anti-GUSD homophobic extremist claims on Nextdoor, Facebook, and Instagram. These claims appear designed to encourage conservative Armenian parents to leave GUSD schools and go to Maro's magnet program. Maro regularly posts her phone number and name to the Armenian Academy Facebook page. Note that magnet schools ARE public schools, so of course there is no tuition.

Glendale Unified has its own Armenian Dual Immersion program that was established over a decade ago. 

Maro Yacoubian's latest crusade involves defending her brother, Ara Najarian. Najarian was passed over for Glendale mayor as a consequence of spreading vile lies about Glendale public schools, and endorsing extremist candidates Jordan Henry and Aneta Krpekyan for Glendale School Board in 2024, despite having no children in Glendale public schools.



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