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Understanding Extremism

The coordinated attacks on Critical Race Theory, Trans and LGBTQIA+ visibility, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are part of a top-down effort by a small group of far-right leaders who aim to dismantle our democracy by undermining faith in institutions we all use. Public schools, public libraries, public colleges and universities, and city governments have all been targets.


Don't fall for it.

Help Fight Back

Hate has no home in Glendale.

  • Vote in local elections (School Board and City Council).

  • Share this website on social media.

  • Educate yourself - understand who is behind this movement and what their goals are.

  • Support local LGBTQIA+ organizations (glendaleOUT and GALAS)

  • Talk to your neighbors and community about Glendale extremists and their assaults on our community.

  • Follow and support grassroots organizations in Glendale that focus on education and inclusion.

Let's spread the word, protect public schools, and keep bigotry out of Glendale!

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