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Jordan Henry: Poster Boy for Extremism

Jordan Henry, Belissa Cohen, Hasmik Bezirdzhyan, Margarit Voyles, and Arman Petrosian came to the GUSD Board Meeting on September 12, 2023.

Despite the clearly posted Board Policy governing Communications from the Public, which includes clear language about no signs or posters in the board room, Jordan

Henry decided to take a stand regarding a local Glendale artist by printing a large poster of a painting and putting it into his pants, claiming it was "attire" and not "signage."

GUSD board policy Jordan Henry
GUSD Board Policy 9323 clearly stating no signage/posters/and/or other objects that could be disruptive

For approximately 10 minutes, two GUSD employees and several Glendale Police officers stood and listened to Jordan Henry argue about "signage" and "attire" with a poster of a nude man tucked into his jeans.

Jordan Henry GUSD Board Meeting with erotic art in his pants
Jordan Henry's "attire" (screenshot from Kelly Stuart's instagram @skyspider)

Arman Petrosian was filming the encounter, and Margarit Voyles was nearby in a LOKA t-shirt (seen on the right in the screenshots above).

Arman Petrosian at GUSD
Apparent GUSD parent Arman Petrosian filming Jordan Henry

Inside the Board Room, Jordan walked up to GUSD Legal Counsel to argue further.

Prior to the Board meeting, approximately 70 GUSD parents, clergy, and allies staged a brief rally in support of inclusive public schools.



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