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Extremists Come to Glendale Cruise Night 7/17/23

Updated: Jul 20

The "Leave Our Kids Alone" crew showed up to claim their community group tent at Glendale Cruise Night on July 17th. Armed with flyers designed by Yeva Babayan, the "staff" at the tent were familiar faces from GUSD, Saticoy, Chino, and Temecula protests.

We saw Hasmik Bezirdzhyan, Ani Torosyan (pictured below), Celena Mesa, Ray Shelton (ranting about books in GUSD), Karine Grigorian, Manuk Grigoryan. Sevan Shahnazari, Sarkis Zevelyan, and political candidate James Clark. We also noticed Donald Wilson Bush and Armen Petrosian.

Of these people, only Ani Torosyan is a confirmed GUSD parent.

They also made time to stop by the GUSD tent to harass Board President Jennifer Freemon, and stopped by to shout at the ABC7 booth.

Jordan Henry was not in attendance, possibly due to the fact that he has announced that he intends to run for GUSD Area E against Jennifer Freemon. This fits with his pattern last year of scrubbing his more extreme social media presence to appear moderate to Glendale voters.

Below is a livestream of Karine Grigorian, aka @hoykapik on IG, who was livestreaming at Cruise Night. She has no children in GUSD or anywhere. Her LinkedIn says she is earning a degree at Los Angeles Valley College in Psychology.

Please be aware that if you attend public events in Glendale, you may see these people there. Do NOT engage and avoid their tents/booths.

They will film you without your consent, including your children.

However, we can clearly see Henry 'liking' the livestreams posted by Celena Mesa, who also uses the alias "Sandra Olly".

Ray Shelton stopped by to lie about curriculum with propaganda designed by Yeva Babayan.

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