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Draining Public School Resources with Public Records Requests: Jordan Henry Brings Extremist Tactic

Updated: Aug 12

Jordan Henry, Ani Torosyan, Gayane Adamyan and several other people have spent over 2 years bombarding GUSD with public records act requests with keywords related to gender, race, syllabus, social-emotional learning and specific book titles.

The first PRA from Jordan Henry to GUSD is dated April, 2021 and is asking for anything related to the Culturally Relevant and Responsive Community groups that were open to all GUSD and community members.

screenshot of PRA requestion
Jordan Henry's first PRA to GUSD

Dorit Waldman, Gayane Adamyan and Jordan Henry were responsible for over 25 combined PRA requests between March 2021 and December 2022.

CLICK BELOW FOR PRA REPORT from March 2021-December 2022

PRA Requests from March 1 2021 to December 31 2022
Download PDF • 176KB



PRA Listing 2022-23_Redacted
Download PDF • 87KB

screenshot of public records act requests glendale jordan henry
Screenshot of Jordan Henry PRAs to GUSD Glendale

PRAs have increasing become a known tool of the far right to waste an organization's time and resources. They are also known as "Freedom of Information Act" (FOIA) Requests.

Of these people, only Ani Torosyan and Gayane Adamyan are confirmed GUSD parents. They have been seen at multiple school district meetings and protests.

Gayane Adamyan appears to work for Remax. Dorit Waldman lists her occupation as "clinical social worker" when she has given public comment at GUSD Board meetings. Based on publicly available records she appears to have worked in Los Angeles.

Here's Gayane Adamyan holding a banner at the June 6th, 2023 protest outside GUSD.

Gayane Adamyan protesting LGBTQ+ inclusion in GUSD June 6th 2023
Gayane Adamyan holding a banner with the Leave Our Kids Alone/Jordan Henry side of the parking lot

washington post article cover
Washington Post coverage of PRAs

Ani Torosyan is pictured below at Cruise Night.

Ani Torosyan at Cruise Night

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