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Jordan Henry's Financial Backers

Jordan Henry relies on a network of known far-right extremist leaders to amplify his crusade against public education and democracy.

Who funded his City Council campaign in 2022?

During his February - June 2022 campaign for City Council, Jordan Henry raised most of his funds from a handful of individuals and LLCs, most of which appear to be registered to 2 individuals in violation of California campaign finance lawsContrary to Henry's claims, he does not have broad support within the Glendale community and appears to be largely financed by money concentrated in the hands of several fellow extremists.

LLCs registered to STEPHEN A. NEWSTADT:


One West Los Angeles / Beverly Hills Estate Lawyer, Stephen A Newstadt, has three of the donor LLCs registered to him.
Each LLC gave the maximum $1190 donation to Jordan Henry's campaign.



As for the other LLCs on the May 26, 2022 497 Report:

Storefront Lenders LLC had a cease and desist and paid a settlement for false advertising in 2017/2018; Plat LLC was suspended.

On additional campaign contribution reports, David Tonoyan is listed as the agent for additional LLCs with connections to Newstadt. These LLCS (Storefront Lenders, Dot818, and Plat) also have connections to Newstadt, who is listed as either the mailing address or former agent. 

To conclude: Multiple LLCs controlled by one individual with no connection to Glendale gave multiple maximum campaign contributions.

Several other LLCs with delinquent filings and/or suspensions and litigation against them also donated to Henry's campaign.

Read the Fair Political Practices Commission section on political donations from LLCs.

source: Glendale City Clerk Campaign Finance Filings

According to California Government Code, LLCs registered to the same person may NOT make multiple maximum contributions. See page 64 of the manual.

FPPC manual for local candidates LLCs

Jordan Henry's largest donors in 2022:

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