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Glendale City Councilmember regularly seen with local extremists.

Husband of vaccine-skeptic former GUSD school board member Armine Gharpetian.

Meet Vartan Gharpetian




Vartan Gharpetian

Elected to Glendale City Council for two terms. Lost. Won re-election again in 2024. Commercial landlord. Married to Armina Gharpetian, a "parental rights" sympathetic former GUSD school board member who lost her 2022 election.

Vartan Gharpetian and Armina Gharpetian* have each run for various public offices in Glendale multiple times. Vartan is notable for his opposition to affordable housing, tenants' rights, bike lanes, and generally any move to make Glendale a more progressive and livable city. Vartan supported Jordan Henry and Aneta Krpekyan, two extremists who ran for GUSD school board in June 2024.

Note: Armina Gharpetian lost her 2022 school board race after voters discovered that she was selling Covid tests online for $50 out of her private dental practice-- a move widely criticized as price-gouging-- after having voted as a GUSD board member to require all students to get tested prior to returning to campus in January 2022. At the time, there was a severe shortage of testing kits nationwide and GUSD students were waiting over 2 hours for free testing.


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