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Who is Dorit Waldman and why do we see her with Jordan Henry in GUSD?

All info in this post is sourced through publicly available materials and records.

Why is Dorit Waldman of La Crescenta, a social worker, making 17 PRA requests in Glendale Unified School District since 2021.

Dorit Waldman's most recent GUSD public comment was at the 6/20/23 Board meeting. She spoke against peer counseling. Known extremist Celena Mesa and fellow PRA requester Gayane Adamyan also made public comment. (See image in gallery below for minutes from that GUSD meeting summarizing public comment).

Dorit Waldman often makes her PRA requests and gives GUSD public comment at nearly the same time or at the same meetings as Jordan Henry.

It is unclear whether or not Dorit Waldman has children in GUSD or is affiliated with any of the public schools in Glendale.


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