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View from the parking lot on 6/6/23

Updated: Jun 16

Parents and community members who attended the 6/6/23 GUSD School Board Meeting recorded ample evidence that the opponent faction was dominated by outsiders, well-funded, and looking for a fight. T-shirts were being handed out for free, from the same boxes seen at Saticoy Elementary on 6/2/23.

The same box truck, digital signage, banners, and many of the same people from Saticoy were also in the GUSD parking lot.

Jordan Henry was at the center of it all.

Our community is less safe because of it.

Proud Boys from Fresno, Santee, and other non-Glendale cities repeatedly refused to obey police orders and broke into the peaceful side of the parking lot, where they attacked people. Joseph Marashlian, who does not live in Glendale or have GUSD students, peppersprayed the crowd, hitting a peaceful clergyman.

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