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Vartan Gharpetian Goes All-in on the LOKA vote with Aneta Krpekyan

Vartan Gharpetian Aneta Krpekyan Glendale
Anything for a vote.

Vartan Gharpetian lost his City Council seat in 2020. Vartan is back to try again in this Glendale election.

Gharpetian's strategy appears to be "anything for a vote."

He appeared with Glendale School Board Candidate and LOKA diva Aneta Krpekyan at her launch party, and at a candidate event, where Aneta captioned her post that "elections are detrimental to our city's and schools' future."

Savvy Glendale watchers may recall that Gharpetian's wife, Armina, lost her School Board seat in 2022. Many voters noticed that she was selling Covid tests at a significant markup the very same month the school board she sat on determined that all students returning from winter break needed a - you guessed it - mandatory Covid test to return to campus.

Dr. Armina also expressed opinions as GUSD Board Member that seemed to suggest she supported the anti-lockdown "parental" rights contingent in Glendale that would eventually transform into Leave Our Kids Alone/GUSD Parents Voices.

We are not surprised to see Vartan on the fascist slate. Not a single sitting Glendale Councilmember has endorsed Vartan Gharpetian.

Leave Our Kids alone anti-LGBTQ glendale candidate slate
Nightmare blunt rotation

Dr. Armina Gharpetian and Vartan at Aneta's launch party in November 2023
Thrilled to be here.

Dr. Armina Gharpetian supporting Aneta Kprekyan for School Board
Armina and the girls


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