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The real goal: dismantling public education in pursuit of fascism

Picking on marginalized or vulnerable groups of people to undermine faith in public institutions is what fascists do.

The truth is that GUSD, like all public school districts in California, are subject to state and federal education laws that are broadly popular and democratically created.

The truth is that Jordan Henry and his followers are outnumbered in Glendale. By a lot. Jorden Henry and his handful of loud, misguided followers don't really care about kids in school: they are scared of change, and rather than learn and grow, they are doubling down on hate and cruelty.

They will not win.

"In many ways, fascist regimes are revolutionary because they advocate the overthrow of existing systems of government and the persecution of political enemies. However, when it advances their interests, such regimes can also be highly conservative in their championing of traditional values related to the role of women, social hierarchy, and obedience to authority. And although fascist leaders typically claim to support the everyman, in reality their regimes often align with powerful business interests." - 'What is Fascism," The Council on World Relations



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