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Jordan Henry: Nextdoor Nights!

This week Jordan Henry qualified for the ballot for GUSD Board of Education Trustee Area A. To celebrate he engaged with the community on the favorite social media platform of people who are afraid of unfamiliar cars parked on their street.

Across multiples posts Jordan sparred with community members who recounted their experiences with him, continued to deadname local trans people, defended swastika displays (on a post about swastika graffiti) and showed an unusual obsession with yard signs.

Community members try to reason; Jordan deadnames a favorite target.

Jordan responds to a post about swastika graffiti by defending Ray Shelton's swastika display.

Jordan appears to create a false story about campaign signs to smear his opponent. There isn't evidence for this claim.

Jordan provided no evidence for his claim.

Jordan reveals he benefits from union membership, but does not pay dues-- sounds like a handout!

Despite what appears to be hours worth of commenting and fighting with community members, by the next morning Jordan's posts had been removed by Nextdoor moderators.


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