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Maro Yacoubian is mad (again)

World's Best Sister, Decider of Who is Really Armenian, and Full-Time Magnet School Recruiter Maro Yacoubian waited nearly 5 hours to give her public comment to an empty Glendale City Council chamber on May 21, 2024.

She wore her lady camouflage so you know she's serious!

She is mad about Gays, The Trans, and kids in a school district she has nothing to do with learning about things she would rather not think about. Maro is also mad that her brother Ara Najarian is STILL not Glendale's ceremonial mayor.

Video below. Enjoy!

Maro Yacoubian looking rough at Glendale City Council May 21 2024
World's Best Sister

Click to watch her section of the public comments.


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