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Jordan Needs $3k to Start His Campaign

In just a few weeks ballots will be mailed to all voters for the local Glendale election. It's 43 days til election day itself and most school board candidates have been out knocking doors and making calls to gather support. Not Jordan though! Other than re-posting ads for his best boy friends, fascist candidates Alex Balekian and James Clarke, he'd given little indication he was even trying to win a school board seat over the last month. Until yesterday, Sunday, the Lord's day, when he posted another disconcerting video appeal for donations. The ask? $3k in the next 10 days. For those following election rules, the maximum donation for a school board candidate is $1,340. Just 2 big donors could get Jordan almost to his goal! In his city council race he managed to find 6 llcs able to form and make maximum donations all in one day! Will he work similar magic this time around? Only a matter of time til financial disclosures are public record, but til then make sure to check your voter registration and spread the word to support Telly Tse in GUSD Area A and Neda Farid in Area E (running against Jordan-in-a-pantsuit Aneta Krpekyan).



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