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Jordan Henry Wants You to Believe He is Normal

We're 30 days out from election day, ballots are in the mail or arriving, and local fascist school board candidate Jordan Henry desperately needs you to think he's just a normal dad. He's deleted his Twitter account to hide his feed full of bigoted reactionaries and attempts at trolling his neighbors, actual GUSD parents, and anyone who dares to advocate for safe, inclusive public education.

With over $30,000 in campaign funds, mainly from people outside of Glendale, Jordan Henry released an ad in which he pretends to play with his children, picks up one (1) toy, and spends a concerning amount of time gazing at himself in the mirror while he figures out how to put on his eyeglasses.

Jordan Henry campaign ad 2024 School Board election Glendale
Jordan Henry has to get the right angle for his eyeglasses. This is important.

Glendale School Board Candidate Jordan Henry even emphasized how "calm" he is when a local politician called out his histrionics on a fascist-adjacent talk show.

Jordan Henry scrubbing social media head of Glendale School board election
Jordan is not aggressive

Reminder: that's this guy (Jordan Henry shoved a poster down his pants and insisted to GUSD staff and Glendale Police that it was "attire."

Jordan Henry Glendale School Board Antagonist and local extremist
Joran Henry at a Glendale School Board Meeting with erotic art shoved in his pants. "It's attire."

Of course, "normal" for Jordan Henry also includes posting attempts to defame random parents in the school district, (again, a district he does not send his children to) just this past weekend.

Jordan Henry Glendale Extremist
Jordan Henry mocking and defaming actual GUSD parents.

Glendale has become very familiar with Jordan Henry's hateful version of "normal" and will not be fooled March 5th.


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