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Jordan Henry Wants People to "Use Their Words"

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

In response to the murder of a woman over a Pride flag last week, Jordan Henry posted the following remarks on his public Instagram.

Jordan Henry instagram post responding to the news of Lauri Carleton's murder.
Jordan Henry instagram post responding to the news of Lauri Carleton's murder, spreading disinformation (it was not her brother).

Jordan Henry is using his words. Jordan Henry's comment on his own post above falsely claims that "it was the shop owner's brother." It was not.

Jordan Henry does use his words. Here he is with a bullhorn on June 6th. Standing near him is a man carrying the anti-LGBTQ sign. This "umbrella" sign has been seen at the protests across Southern California.

Jordan Henry and anti-LGBTQ+sign
Jordan Henry in foreground. Man with anti-LGBTQ sign behind him.

The "Anti-Groomer Movement" appears to have origins in white supremacist organizing, and is documented as a tactic by known extremist groups as early as December 2022.

According to Conejo Valley Antifascists, the "White Lives Matter [WLM] activist manual 2.0, and the January 2023 Project 171 Anti Groomer Action manual show identical format, organization, and in many cases, cut and pasted text from one to the other."

Here is Jordan Henry [with flag and bullhorn in the video below] using his words on June 6, 2023, asking people to "tear this school down" during a GUSD Board meeting where the board was voting to recognize June as Pride Month in GUSD.



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