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Jordan Henry Uses Reported Sexual Abuse of Children to Fundraise

When news broke last week of an after-school program coach who was accused of lewd acts upon a child under age 14, Jordan Henry did what any person would do: turned it into an opportunity to raise money for his GUSD school board race.

jordan henry asking for money
Jordan Henry wants your donations

In his Instagram Stories, Jordan appeared to connect the very real allegations of abuse to his "concerns" about LGBTQ+ inclusive education.

There is no relationship between the arrest and inclusive education.

Oddly, Jordan seems to NOT support the type of age-appropriate sex education that would teach children how to identify and report actual predators / unsafe adults in schools.

He also appears to enjoy using the abuse of children as an opportunity to call on people to come to a school board meeting.

This investigation is ongoing and involves children and an employee, so the public comments at a school board meeting cannot, by law, be a place to discuss the specifics of a case.

Jordan henry asking people to attend october 10th board meeting
Jordan Henry wants attention

Jordan Henry has also made his thoughts on the police known via his social media posts. Here he is saying 'police don't do anything.'

Jordan Henry's thoughts on the police.
Jordan Henry notes that "police don't do anything."


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