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Jordan Henry's Associates Take a Field Trip to Chino Valley

Familiar faces from the anti-public education extremist crew traveled to Chino Valley on July 20th, 2023.

Narine Tadevosyan, Karine Grigorian, Manuk Grigoryian, Bryce Henson, Louie Flores, Nara Vard & Sylvie Araujo were in attendance.

None of them appear to have children in Chino Valley public schools. You can read more about them here.

anti-public school extremists posing for a photo at Chino Valley School Board Meeting
Narine Tadevosyan (left, second row, in hat), Nara Vard (blonde), Manuk Grigorian (holding flag), Louie Flores (in mirrored sunglasses) Bryce Henson or Hanson (baseball cap, bottom row) Karine Grigoryan (bleach blond, bottom row) were some of the familiar faces at the CVSD meeting on July 20 2023



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