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Jordan Henry Hopes to Come From Behind (in the Election)

Not content to come in 7th out of 8 candidates in the 2022 Glendale City Council race, Jordan Henry has once again lost badly in a race for local office. Jordan Henry is currently in a distant second place in his Glendale School Board race, down by over 1600 votes.

Turns out that majorities of local voters do not support candidates without any actual experience in public schools who is backed by a crew of fascists, extremists, and grifters.

Jordan Henry Glendale election ballot returns
LOSER! The state of the race on March 7th 2024

Jordan Henry came up short, despite the desperate and grammatically incorrect ramblings on Celena Mesa's car. Based on this week's mail-in ballot updates, it appears that Lady Jordan, aka Aneta Krpekyan, may also lose her bid for Glendale School board.

Celena Mesa Jordan Henry Aneta Krpekyan car message
Learn how to use apostrophes, Celena!

Not one to go gently into that good night, Jordan promptly restored his Twitter account (2k followers, wow!). Give the people what they want, buddy!

Jordan Henry twitter Alex Balekian stan account
Why be quiet when you can be fascist?

Jordan Henry also began leaving his childish leftover campaign flyers (poop emojis!) on his neighbor's property. It would appear he enjoys harassing neighbors who are Jewish.

Jordan Henry poop emoji campaign flyer in a little free library
Jordan Henry doesn't understand how Little Free Libraries work.

The next local elections in Glendale are in 2026. Will Jordan lose a third time? Stay tuned. At least the signs are down.

Jordan Henry and fascist sign campaign for Glendale school board
They're not wrong.


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