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Jordan Henry is 'Glendale Hank' on the The Dollop podcast

Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds took time this week to put together a timeline connecting national far-right extremist Chris Rufo's anti-public education crusade with Jordan Henry and Aneta Krpekyan's local chaos campaigns against Glendale Unified.

Jordan Henry, AKA Glendale Hank, comes in at the 18:30 mark.

The timeline really gets going at 54:00.

*Note that the "poster incident" was using a local trans artist's art without his consent. The poster Henry brought to the board meeting stuffed in his pants had nothing to do with GUSD.

Jordan Henry AKA Glendale Hank needs to adjust his glasses in them mirror.
Glendale Hank prepares to wage war on LGBTQ kids.

Remember, it's time to vote in your local elections.


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