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Jordan Henry Harasses GUSD Parents, Puts up Giant Signs

Jordan Henry's bid for Glendale School Board continues with a little under 3 weeks to go. He showed up with his die-hard supporters, fellow non-GUSD parents Tony Passarella and Ray Shelton. Ray showed up in another silly custom t-shirt, and non-parent regular Tony Passarella tried his hand at poetry. We are glad Ray Shelton is enjoying his union-provided pension by going clothes shopping!

Jordan put on his best blazer, trying to try to get some content for the socials at the February 13th board meeting.

Unfortunately, it appeared that Jordan did not follow District Board policy: he failed to get his speaker card in on time. Instead, he fidgeted and squirmed while listening to actual GUSD parents lay out his record of hatred and harassment over the past 3 years.

Upon exiting the building, Jordan decided to harass some actual GUSD parents and a GUSD alum until fearless photojournalist Kelly Stuart told him to leave.

The next day, Jordan put up gigantic signs with his face on them in his usual vacant lots. One was promptly removed, the other is being updated by local residents.

Jordan Henry campaign sign in front of an abandoned Pier 1 store
The favorite candidate of abandoned lots!


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