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Jordan Henry Drinks Brews with Bros

Jordan Henry continued his campaign-by-podcast strategy this week with an appearance on Bros and Brews, most notable not for its 142 subscribers, but for an appearance by LOKA ally Narine Tadevosyan in which it was suggested MS-13, the Hells Angels, or Mongol motorcycle gang should provide security for LOKA events.

Appearing to try to temper his tone somewhat, over the nearly 3 hour podcast, Jordan drank almost 2 beers and repeated his usual talking points and attacks on local trans people. A few moments stood out:

  • Jordan claims to have worked 80 hours a week as a 14 year old. Does he think child labor is good?

  • Jordan claims to have had to "lay down the law" with his pregnant wife, whose employer required her to receive a Covid booster.

  • Jordan and the hosts appeared nostalgic as they shared anecdotes about being hit as children, claiming it made them "respect" others.

  • Jordan shared an insight into his parenting tactics: trying to stop his 4 year old from splashing his 1 year old by splashing the 4 year old til he "screamed." Video lowlights here:

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