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Jordan Henry and Aneta Krpekyan Are Over Pride Month

Local extremists Mike Mohill, Ray Shelton, Aneta Krpekyan, and Jordan Henry continued to rant about bike lanes, trans people, and "Christian values" until July 1st finally rolled around.

Aneta Krpekyan confused opposing hate groups with being hateful. Jordan Henry confused food safety with transphobia.

Ray Shelton, still enjoying his union pension and benefits as a retiree from GUSD, put on another one of his favorite t-shirts to rant about the T in LGBTQ+.

These folks are really scared of rainbows and inclusion. Thank goodness they can go all-out hating people during July.

Mike Mohill opposes traffic safety at June 25 2024 city council

GLendale pride declaration 2024
Sorry guys, Pride is happening.

Aneta Krpekyan instagram
Aneta doesn't get drag.

aneta and ani gusd parents voices don't understand hate crimes
Pride is not a hate crime.

jordan henry transphobic tweet about pride month
These two things are not the same, Jordan.


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