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James Clarke and Alex Balekian Double Down on anti-LGBTQ

The self-hating gays of Glendale came out swinging at the May 21st Glendale City Council Meeting. You can watch their full comments below.

James Clarke was mad about masks. (Maybe he's vaccinated?) James Clarke also said that because everyone sat in the council chambers together, any threats to LGBTQ+ safety in our schools or city are imaginary. Good to know!

Fascist Gay Man James Clarke holding up a newspaper at glendale city council may 21 2024
James Clarke is not a victim!

Still on the campaign trail, Doctor Alex Balekian, the Ernst Rohm of Glendale, was also mad that GUSD parents and community members dared to ask the City council to not cancel funding for Pride events this year. He has also NEVER been called anything bad until now. People are calling him a "bigot" and a "Nazi." Therefore, there is not any discrimination of gay people in Glendale. Alex Balekian and James Clarke do not have any kids in GUSD.

(Based on his patient reviews, Alex Balekian's public health advice is dubious at best.)

alex balekian in a suit at glendale city council may 21 2024 anti-lgbtq
Alex Balekian plays doctor

Watch the full comments of the Clarke and Balekian show below.


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