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Community Alert: Know and Avoid the Extremists Infiltrating Pride

In their relentless quest for social media content, local anti-LGBTQ+ reactionaries, funded by dark money funneled through GOP organizations and fake non-profits, spent June weekends attending Pride events to conduct disingenuous interviews designed to incite their radicalized followers.

Frank Rodriguez former "Gay Against Groomers" who does not have children,

travels to school board meetings around the region frequently alongside Proud Boys, and was recently baptized at Calvary Chapel, a church who believes homosexuality is a sin has also attended multiple events and training seminars with the California Policy Center. He goes by the handle @infosavage on Instagram.

Frank attended West Hollywood's Pride festival, appearing to have sacrificed his ass along with his spine. Attendees at Pride and other events should be aware of Frank's connections and agenda, warn community members, and avoid if seen if public. DO NOT BE FILMED or PHOTOGRAPHED WITH THIS EXTREMIST.

Other anti-LGBTQ+ reactionaries with influencer aims are 180.Shift and their new affiliate Red Angeles. 180.Shift features two very young women- recent high school graduate Elie Santana and former teen mom Tara Martinez Fernandez, Both young women are connected to the anti-LGBTQ+, Christian nationalist org TPUSA.

Tara Martinez and Elie Santana try on some rainbows are extremists
Tara Martinez and Philip Young try on some rainbows

They rely on their youth, forgettable appearances, and blank delivery to conduct interviews.

Tara wearing a rainbow shirt, alongside Boogaloo (a reference to anti-government extremists who want a race war) shirt-wearing extremist Phillip Young, were both at Pasadena pride.

Martinez, Santana, and Young should be considered dangerous to the LGBTQ+ community and avoided. Warn community members and allies to not engage with propagandists.

Red Angeles's links to the CAGOP will be explored in a future post.


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