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Jordan Henry Wants More Time: 8/8/23 GUSD Board Meeting Recap

Here we see familiar faces at the GUSD Board meeting on August 8th, 2023. Based on publicly available information, almost none of the speakers in the Henry crew have children in GUSD.

It's unclear where these public commenters are getting their information from.

Jordan Henry used most of his 3 minutes to ask for 5 minutes. Once his 3 minutes were up, the Board adjourned to closed session, as planned on the public agenda.

Several men without children in GUSD or any apparent connection to the District commented, including failed Glendale City Council candidate Mike Mohill.

Karine Grigorian was also there (photo below). Has no children at all, and based on publicly available records does not live in Glendale.

Karine Grigorian with her middle finger and phone
Karine Grigorian in the GUSD parking lot on August 8 2023

HASMIK BEZIRDZHYAN and Ed Torosyan also attended. Hasmik runs a homeschooling business and has no children in GUSD. It's unclear whether Ed Torosyan has children in GUSD.

Hasmik Bezirdzhyan and Ed Torosyan in GUSD Parking Lot on 8/8/23


Celena Mesa - who does not send her children to GUSD or any other public school - used her time to read from a book that was never approved for use in GUSD. Mesa appeared to spend time last week putting up anti-GUSD banners on freeway overpasses (photo below).

Celena Mesa anti-GUSD freeway overpass
Celena Mesa with My Child My Rights freeway banner in Glendale

Aneta Krpekyan, a GUSD parent, appeared to criticize GUSD for sending staff home early from the Jackson Street building for their safety, comparing the closure to 'Nazi, Germany' in her public Instagram Stories.

(Bathroom use was allowed for meeting attendees).

The Board Policy governing public communications has been amended by unanimous board vote.

Parking lot closures and stricter security measures are put into place when there are credible threats of violence.

Yeva Babayan also stopped by, as did Manuk Grigoryan and Alen Khanyan.

Yeva Babayan graphic artist
Yeva Babayan anti-GUSD protest 8/8/23

Manuk Grigoryan and Alen Khanyan GUSD
Manuk Grigoryan and Alen Khanyan. Not GUSD parents, but showing up to Board Meeting on August 8th 2023.



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