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Aneta Krpekyan Supporter Ray Shelton Assaults Volunteers at Candidate Forum

Wednesday night Aneta Krpekyan ummed and ahhed her way through a re-hash of her personal grievances at the League of Women Voter and Glendale Council PTA sponsored School Board Trustee forum.

Without any actual substance Aneta re-litigated her frequent school board meeting rants and displayed concerning ignorance about SEL and school wellness programs.

She's also still mad that she cannot opt her children out of learning about the existence of LGBTQ people, slavery, genocide, people with disabilities, etc. in their history and social studies classes. State laws are the wooorst. Poor Aneta.

Aneta, who has spent years launching harassment campaigns against district teachers shrieked that she was the real victim of discrimination by board members and was supported by outsiders who do not have children in GUSD schools: Belissa Cohen, Tony Pasarella, Celena Mesa, and Ray Shelton- individuals who have participated in violent outbursts and harassed teachers, students, and parents.

After the forum, Ray Shelton, who is engaged in a lawsuit against the district, physically assaulted and threatened multiple forum attendees and volunteers. Election Day is March 5th. Please vote.


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