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Aneta Krpekyan Says "These Elections are Detrimental" to our Community

Aneta Krpekyan is still running for Glendale School Board and has found some helpers. It's not clear whether City Council Candidate Vartan Gharpetian has endorsed Aneta Krpekyan in the Glendale election, but they do like taking pictures together. (Editor's note: Vartan later appeared on Wise Nuts to endorse Aneta and Jordan).

Aneta posted that these elections are "detrimental for our city's and schools' future." Aneta looks like she needs to go back to basics (one of her favorite anti-GUSD talking points) and review word meanings and prepositions. Either way, she's right!

Fortunately Aneta's earlier appeal for helpers seems to have worked: she had fellow Leave Our Kids Alone enthusiast (and non-GUSD parent) Celena Mesa to help spread the word!

Aneta also carried a yard sign around while she knocked doors, like a totally normal person would.

Election Day is March 5th in Glendale. Keep going, Aneta!


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