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Aneta Krpekyan Has Technical Difficulties

This week GUSD faced a cybersecurity attack that continues to paralyze the district's computers and internet access for over 25,000 students and nearly 3,000 staff and Aneta Krpekyan appears to try to turn it into a fundraiser for her school board race.

Some community members noted the timing of the attack: within 48 hours of an appearance by disgraced former teacher Ray Shelton on the viral social media pages of LibsofTikTok- an account linked to numerous instances of threats against schools, libraries, and municipalities.

In response Krpekyan first played victim, then turned to highlighting and mocking a local parent and tried to fundraise off the attack.

After Aneta's Instagram posts, the group she co-founded with Ani Torosyan, GUSD Parents' Voices, re-shared the same content to their audience of 19,000 followers.

One day after the Glendale cyberattack began, as students and teachers were still unable to access any online systems or use any district computers, GUSD Parents' Voices published the post below, revealing they had been given inside information about the attack from a district employee.

While it's impossible to prove links between Krpekyan's GUSD Voices posts, online extremists, and the attack on the district, her willingness to try to use them to her benefit is revealing. And then there's this:


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