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Aneta Krpekyan Goes on Alpha News as "Anti-LGBT Conservative Parent"

The caption on Aneta Krpekyan's Alpha News interview includes her quote "I have been fighting against the LGBTQ community for years"
The caption on Aneta Krpekyan's Alpha News interview from December 1, 2023.

Aneta says she stands for "parental rights." For her, that appears to mean her right as a parent to cancel any mention of LGBT people in public schools for all of the 25,000 students in GUSD classrooms. This is in violation of state law.

In a December 1st, 2023 segment on Alpha News, this is what Aneta had to say.

Aneta Krpekyan says, "I have been fighting against the LGBTQ community for years"
Aneta Krpekyan is "being silenced" by appearing on international television.

In the interview, Aneta Krpekyan says the following:

-alleges that there there are inappropriate books at schools, and how they shouldn’t be there cause children are having difficulty learning after Covid.

-She talks about specific books mentioning trans kids.

-She then states that GUSD receives over $350 million from the state, yet kids are scoring low on tests. FACT: Students who do NOT speak English (for example, students who just moved to Glendale from Armenia) have to take state tests that start in 3rd grade, even if they don't speak any English. Over 20% of GUSD students are English some elementary schools, it's as high as 50% or is Aneta asking GUSD to reject English Learner students so test scores go up? What is her point here?

-One of the things she says she wants to focus on if she gets elected is how that $350 million is being spent. (FACT: Aneta Krpekyan does not seem to understand how public school budgets work, but that's for another blog post!)

-She mentions that there are good teachers and “there are teachers that are activists." She says those bad teachers are always trying to bring LGBTQ topics into the classroom. The interviewer asks if the “good teachers” can put a stop to the bad teachers bringing in LGBTQ topics to the classrooms.

FACT: State education code in California has, since 2011, required age-appropriate coverage of historically marginalized people and topics, including the Armenian Genocide, people with disabilities, and the existence of LGBTQ people. The FAIR Act is NOT the same as sex education, which parents are able to opt out of. Of course, if you are "anti-LGBT" like Aneta Krpekyan, you will never be happy with public education that requires covering the existence of gay people.

-Aneta says that the union is very strong, and starts attacking the union. She says the union scares teachers into compliance, and that apparently some teachers leave their job because they don’t want to be forced to teach LGBTQ topics.

-The interviewer brings attention to the Armenian population of Glendale. Aneta states that 40% of Glendales population is Armenian. (It is closer to 33% per the 2020 census results). She says that they’re just protecting their Christian values. She says parents like her are always being silenced. She mentions how people say bad things about her online.

-The interviewer asks if she’s ever tried speaking directly with the Armenian board members. She says it’s sad that Armenian board members and teachers don’t help out the parents. (FACT: They have received death threats due the lies Aneta has helped spread about Glendale Public Schools and School Board Members.) She complains that she and other activists were painted as the bad guys after the June protests.

The Interviewer asks about her opponents. Aneta gives a brief civics lesson on how the school district is divided into regions. The Interviewer asks about Nayiri Nahabedian's 2020 win, and the Armenian population in area E. Aneta states that last time Nayiri won with 3,500 votes. The conclusion that Aneta needs 3,500 Armenian votes to win. Aneta says that would be great, but many Armenians do not vote. She describes her canvassing efforts and how some neighbors want to help and some don’t want to be involved, are not interested, or say that they don’t have kids in the district.

They state that Neda was sent by “liberal powers”. She talks about the $100,000 donation by the CTA. (FACT: This is an independent expenditure by a political action committee dedicated to advocating for candidates and issues that support public education. Aneta Krpekyan was invited to apply to be endorsed by the teachers union. She did not submit a candidate questionnaire. She would have actually been in a room with union leadership to be considered, but Aneta appears uninterested in actual conversations that might contradict her beliefs.) She closes by asking people to register to vote.

By 9am on 12/5/23, the piece had been removed from Alpha News' website.


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